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About Us: Caba Travel
With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality business in Cyprus, CABA Travel has extensive knowledge and is committed to finding the best products for our clients. Here are some reasons to choose CABA Travel for your next vacation;

The team at CABA Travel is comprised of well-rounded, knowledgeable and charming individuals who are passionate about guaranteeing our clients have the best vacation experience

With CABA Travel, we guarantee our clients added value on trips with services such as airport transfers, room upgrades, better seat on airplanes, tickets for occasions and different activities

Convenience with travel is guaranteed as we help with actualizing the actual travel wants of our clients helping our clients to define what they want to get out of a vacation

We have in-depth knowledge of the best times to go to the best places in Cyprus and we would help with arranging city tours so you can get the best perspective of Cyprus.

Because of our long standing relationship with a portion of the best hotels in Cyprus, our customers get the chance to enjoy special discounts on services such as spa and beauty treatments in the hotels.